Cranach painting school

The painting school, which from 1996 has been located in Lucas Cranach the Elder’s former workshop, is located in the historical center of Wittenberg. This was Cranach’s most important property, because it was here that he and his son Lucas Cranach the Younger had their big painting workshop.

Since 1989, citizens have been working for the restoration of the Cranach houses, and with the help of the government, they have renovated both. With much time and effort, they resurrected the painting house to its former glory, establishing a Youth Art School where children, teenagers and adults come to learn about art and culture. Here, projects involve the community, with other artists, art teachers, and craftsmen working to offer exceptional arts education. We present a variety of programs to the community, including art courses, school projects, holiday workshops, social and cultural projects, music and theater events, exhibitions, guided tours, and scholarships for artists. Stop on by the painting school and make your own painting today!